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Corcapa 1031 Advisors and its team members are 1031 Exchange specialists that will work tirelessly to learn about you and your goals and create opportunities, creatively finding solutions tailored to your needs.

We are interested in a long term mutually beneficial partnership with our clients, helping them defer taxes and grow their wealth.

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Corcapa 1031 Advisors is a boutique alternative real estate advisory firm with an exclusive focus on the alternative real estate product.

We specialize in 1031 Exchange Replacement Property in the form of 1031 DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) and 1031 TIC (Tenants in Common Investments which are appropriate for 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Corcapa’s goal in working with our clients is to find solutions which meet your investment objectives and defer capital gains taxes. 

Another unique area of our practice is sourcing Direct Investments (non-1031 eligible) that meet clients’ financial needs and are positioned with the goal of projected income and projected appreciation.

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